Motherhood Natural Light Studio Session

The beauty of an outdoor golden hour session is undeniable, but there is a lot to love about natural light studio sessions too! Studio work has quickly found a big home in my soul, especially white linen backdrop set ups.! There is something about a bright, minimalist setting that pulls you away from outside details and really lets the emotion shine. This motherhood studio session at the Lincoln Loft & Studio, a local natural light studio, is a shining example of how sometimes less can really be more. 

I had the joy of documenting Symphony and her two boys. One of my favorite things about motherhood sessions is getting to watch the interactions between moms and their little ones. Being a mom to babies, toddlers and small kids is some of the toughest work there is. (slow claps to all the mamas). It requires consistent love and attention, even when you are tired, frustrated or feel like taking a sick day. It’s an honor to watch a mother teach, play, encourage and love – even when it’s a challenge. 

In motherhood sessions I rarely try to force poses. Instead I often opt for positioning into a situation that holds space for playing, laughing, snuggling and engaging. Sometimes I think creating a rigid and forced environment for little ones in a photography session just makes them want to be there even less than they might already. Leaning into their wishes to move and play and be silly can result in moments and photos that really feel honest and intentional.

In this session we had the chance to get pretty much just 1 photo where both boys were looking at the camera. Some might say that’s the “good one” but honestly I tend to think the opposite. Ask yourself: 10 years from now would you rather your photos be perfectly placed portraits where all eyes are looking into the camera? Or would you prefer to see the joy, the emotions, laughter and challenges that came with motherhood during that particularly season of motherhood? Life is rarely picture perfect, but it’s the joyful and chaotic love that makes it perfectly imperfect.


5 mindset shifts that can make motherhood sessions feel more honest & less stressful:
  • 1. It’s okay if they are uninterested in the camera! Bring their attention to you or something else that makes them happy!
  • 2. Think of it less as posing and more as opportunities for closeness.
  • 3. Don’t feel the need to apologize to your me/photographer, just keep mothering and I promise there will be plenty of love to document!
  • 4. Lean into the emotions or silliness. A real laugh or silly face is more real than a forced smile or pose.
  • 5. Nothing in life is perfect, in fact the best things in life are perfectly imperfect.


Studio Location: The Lincoln Loft & Studio, Watertown, NY