Documentary wedding & Lifestyle Photographer based in Upstate New York

heartfelt documentation of love, life & togetherness

A heartfelt blend of THE CANDID & COMPOSED.

a documentary focused approach that holds space for you to have fun, to be present and to be yourself. Wedding and session galleries are always an artful mix of candid moments and lightly posed portraits. The best of both worlds to help you remember the love and emotions that carry you.

Hey Lovebirds, I'm Megan-

And I’m so happy you’re here.

I am a documentary wedding and lifestyle photographer obsesses with the perfect imperfections of life and love. You’re a nostalgic person who wants to remember how this moment in your life feels, years and years from now. I approach my work with a focus on capturing the candid, the honest. There is nothing more beautiful to me than two people sharing a real moment – a laugh or a cry, a hug or a dance, or simply just existing in the same shared space together, letting the silence and glances at each other do the talking.

I like to draw inspiration from vintage film photos, like the ones you find in a box at your parent’s home. I often say that I want your photos to feel like they were taken by a friend, someone who feels immersed in the moment with you. I also love to pull inspiration from movies — I love the Before trilogy and all things Wes Anderson.

I share life with my husband and best friend, Corey and we’ve recently welcomed a sweet little boy named Milo. Becoming a mother has given me a deeper desire to document more than just special occasions, but to remember and celebrate the joy in our everyday lives. PSA: take the pictures. Fill your phone storage with little memories, even the messy/tough ones.

I value and crave my solo time but I also love being around people. I love to drink way too much coffee and make messes in the kitchen. I feel like my brightest self when I get to start my day with a walk in the sunshine. I’m a serial hobbyist and am often bouncing from one thing to the next – I love trying different crafts. No one asked, but I am horrible at painting.

I love the energy of wedding days and getting to share in the experience of such an important day of other people’s lives. It gives me so much hope getting to witness so much love being shared amongst people. There is nothing more beautiful and human than loving and being loved.

pillars of my work

01. a focus on candids.

My work is documentary focused, meaning a majority of your  gallery will be candid in nature. Imagery that focuses on emotion and connection. The perfectly imperfect and “in-between” moments that could’ve never been posed.

02. natural portraits

While my work is mostly documentary, I do also love to take natural and effortless portraits too. I like to keep these natural, lighthearted and unforced. Often times I prefer to flow into these positions in between organic moments. 

03. true color editing

I love color and I believe color is an important part of memory. I edit and color grade in a way that is soft and film inspired, keeping the colors truer in nature while slightly toning down the harshness. 

04. sensory details

Detail images are about more than aesthetics. I like to be intentional with detail photos, using them as a means to spark your senses. The way the moment looked, felt, sounded. Wedding and session galleries typically will include details and landscapes.

05. creative variety

I love to use a blend of creative techniques to add depth to your gallery. Whether that is using different perspectives, camera techniques like motion blur, playing with the light or using artistic tools I always aim to ensure your gallery never feels one-note.

notes of inspiration

the perfect imperfections of the human experience.

the sounds of a celebration.

how our tears are shared by our happiness and sadness.

the way it feels to be hugged by someone you love.

how the golden light illuminates the sky and everything in it’s path.

the vintage photos you find in a box at your parent’s house.

how music can remind you of a memory.

process // what to expect


working together starts when you send me an inquiry! // Use the form links on my contact page and you can expect to hear from me within 2 business days. I’ll contact you with more information and to schedule a video call // while this call is optional, I personally love to be able to meet you and chat before we work together! Once you decide to book, I send you a virtual contract and invoice outlining all the good stuff included with the options you choose.

collaborative planning

Communication is key when working together. Whether a wedding or a session I like the planing process to feel collaborative and personal. Your life, experiences and relationships are personal to you and your photos should feel like an honest reflection of this. Between video calls, questionnaires and mood boards we will discuss the creative inspiration and how I can best tell your story.

candid meets composed

I photograph with a documentary approach that is infused with artful composition and naturally posed portraits. When photographing you, your love, your family I want to always hold space for you to breathe and be yourselves. Photographs hold meaning when they hold real moments and emotions. Galleries are always a heartfelt mix of candids and portraits.