HI, It's so nice to meet you.

My name is Megan and I’m a documentary wedding, elopement and lifestyle photographer passionate about photographing the emotions, moments and celebrations that make our time here on earth so special and human. I’m based in Upstate New York, but always willing to pack up and head to your favorite place.

My approach to photography is rooted in presence and embracing the perfectly imperfect. I’m less focused on posing and more about holding space for heartfelt interactions. I want to document the emotions and nuance of your relationships; to create imagery that feels like an honest reflection of yourself and your heart. Something to save for future nostalgia.

I feel most inspired by vintage and indie movies, old black and white or film photos, the way light can shine in so many different ways, soft golden hours, giant hugs and laughs that take your breath way, the way people in love look at each other, and the fact that all moments are fleeting. I can’t wait to create a collection of emotional artifacts together!


xo, Megan

5 words to describe my work: Timeless, Heartfelt, Nostalgic, Emotive, Honest

Fast fun facts about me

My best days start with a good cup (or two) of coffee and a walk in the sunshine. 

I love going to new places with my husband/best friend, Corey, and finding all the good bakeries, breweries and coffee shops to try. 

I’ve never met a buttery flaky pastry I didn’t love. Croissants are life.

I’m a sensitive soul and an ambivert. I love being around others but really really value solo time too. 

I’m a Virgo Sun, Cap Moon/Rising, INFP, and an enneagram 4w3. 

Music is so important to me and a big part of my own emotional process. I love Indie, new wave and anything that sounds like it could be in a Wes Anderson Film.

I have an obsession w/ good beverages: spindrift, craft beers, good coffee, tea, kombucha, local wines and cider, etc.