heartfelt imagery celebrating
the love we give and receive.

Documentary Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer
Based in Upstate New York

blending emotive candids and naturally posed portraiture to create galleries of real memories. // For people who want to cherish the love that surrounds them.

behind the lens // nice to meet you

Hey Lovebirds, I'm Megan-

a nostalgic documentary wedding and lifestyle photographer inspired by the perfectly imperfect moments that make life so special. You’re here because you want to remember how it feels to love and be loved in this phase of life. Whether you’re getting married, or welcoming a new member to the family or just flowing through this season with people you care about, together let’s create something special for you to look back on for all the years to come.

approach / style

Whether a wedding or a lifestyle session, approaching the moment with a documentary focus means letting interactions and emotions flow freely. Holding space for you to be present in the moment and with the people around you.

Neither life or love are perfect, and I love to lean into the beauty of these imperfections. Instead of my presence seeming like a photoshoot, I try to take a more photojournalistic approach that allows for the documentation of real memories. While I certainly offer guidance for lightly posed portraits, I also love to give your the room to live and love in a way that feels relaxed and organic.

I wholeheartedly believe the best photos are the ones that hold real love, and the moments where you are fully living in the moment.


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