Upstate New York Based
Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

documenting life and love in way that feels genuine, emotional and
timeless. Inspired by honest connection & vintage romance.


Photographs should be more than a reminder of how a moment looked. It should pull you in and remind you of all the feelings you felt in that moment. How the wind blew, the thoughts in your mind, the air on your skin, the sounds that filled the air, the people you were with.

Let’s take photos that remind you of more than just your outfits and engagement ring. We’ll take photos that make you feel something; that make you remember why you chose to spend forever with your best friend and why life is worth celebrating.

HELLO! I'm Megan!

& I’m so stoked you’ve found your way here! I’m an Upstate New York Based Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer and I’d love to document your special moments. I offer services for weddings, elopements, engagements/couples, maternity and family lifestyle photography. As a photographer I want to create an experience that’s focused on slowing down and appreciating where you are and who you’re there with. I think all of us can get wrapped up in the busy and forget to slow down and take in what’s around us. I aim to document real emotion and interaction and try to be intentional with how I guide you through a session!

I pull a lot of creative inspiration from movies (Indies, Wes Anderson, classics), vintage film photography, and fashion magazines. If my work resonates with you, I’d love for a chance to work together and make some magic! Send me a message or head to my about page to learn more!

Say Hello!

I’d be so grateful for a chance to work together! What’s next? You can keep exploring my website or you can fill out this contact form for me and I’ll get back to you really quick, (Within 12 hrs on weekdays and 36 hrs on the weekend) Then we’ll plan to set up a coffee/cocktail zoom date or phone call so we can connect, talk more about you, and discuss your vision for your wedding day — or session. I’m so excited to make some magic and have some fun together! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

Cheers! – Megan