creating artifacts of the
love you give and receive.

Documentary Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer
Based in Upstate New York

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Hey Lovebirds, I'm Megan.

And I’m so happy that you’ve found your way here. I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer passionate about working with you to create emotional artifacts of your love and life. I’m less about posing and more about presence. Less about perfect outfits, more about feelings. I want nothing more than for your photos to be an honest reflection of your memories. The way they looked, sounded, felt. I love creating imagery inspired by vintage film photos, old romantic movies and and the imperfectly perfect moments that make life a beautiful thing to experience.

intentional & artistic storytelling.

it's the little things. warm & fuzzy feelings. way you look at each other. heartfelt connections. giant smooshy hugs. imperfectly beautiful moments. things you love to do together.

documenting life and love in way that's honest, emotional and timeless.