Southwick Beach Couples Session

while I love a golden sunset over Lake Ontario, there is something to be admired about a cold and cloudy day at Southwick Beach. There is a romance to the blue hues of the water, and the way your hair blows in the wind. I had the privilege of photographing a fellow photographer and her husband in celebration of their anniversary. They watched the birds fly over the lake, hugged along the shore and laughed together hand in hand.

Was the weather ideal for a session? Not particularly. But sessions with less than perfect forecasts often end up being my favorite.I suppose it might be that with one thing already having gone not according to plan, there is a certain “what will be will be” attitude that accompanies that. When couples choose to embrace the bad weather versus allow it to be a stressor, you see a strength in them and their relationship. A willingness to roll with what ever happens, as long as they still have each other.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have a job that allows me to document the beauty and joy of other people’s love and partnerships.

Photoshoot Location: Southwick Beach State Park, Henderson, NY