about me.

Hi there! I’m Megan – the photographer, human and creative soul behind the camera and this business. I strive to live an emotional and intentional life and aim to have that reflected in my photography. In a world that feels so curated, I love leaning into and appreciating the imperfections of life. My best days start with a good cup of coffee and a walk in the sunshine. Music is so important to me and has always been a big part of my emotional process. I specifically love Indie, new wave and anything that sounds like it could be in a Wes Anderson Film.

I love going to new places with my husband/best friend, Corey, and finding all the good bakeries, breweries and coffee shops to try. I’ve never met a buttery flaky pastry I didn’t love. I’m a sensitive soul and an ambivert. I love being around others but really value my solo time too. If you’re into personality types and astrology; I’m a Virgo Sun, Cap Moon/Rising, INFP, and an enneagram 4w3. I think personality frameworks are a fun way to explore and try to understand the complexities of humans, but I don’t like to hyper focus on them.

Photography is actually second career for me. I, like so many people, chose an initial path that felt “practical”. I had been a creative kid, but never thought creativity could be a career. Somedays I wish I would’ve worked through those mental barriers earlier than I did, but I also believe that my experiences in health and wellness were still fundamental in who I’ve become and how I work with people. I have my husband to thank for encouraging and supporting me into photography. I don’t think it’s ever too late to change directions if you’re willing to put your heart into an opportunity that is available to you.

Things that FILL MY SOUL:

  • the way the light streams through windows.
  • sunsets and sunrises.
  • exploring new places with Corey.
  • vintage romance movies // wes anderson films.
  • positive/emotional human interaction.
  • songs that make you want to move or feel something.
  • cozy mornings w/ an extra cup of coffee.
  • game nights with Corey and/or friends.

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